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What is the difference between the Fresh Milk Tea and Fragrant Milk Tea ?
Our Fresh Milk Tea series uses regular milk, whereas the Fragrant Milk Tea series uses traditional milk tea using non-dairy creamer. The Fresh Milk Tea enhances the tea’s flavour. For the Fresh Milk Tea series, we recommend a sugar level of 30% with less ice.
Why does the Winter Melon Tea’s tastes mild ?
We only use natural fruit pulp to preserve nutrition. Traditionally, concentrated fruit pulp are used to enhance the flavour but this is generally considered unhealthy.
Why are The Moment’s pearls hard compared to other brands ? Are the pearls undercooked ?
Our pearls are chewy or “QQ”, and not undercooked. For Taiwanese-style pearls, this is ideal mouthfeel. The pearls should not stick to your teeth when chewing it.
What makes the Fresh Lemon Juice series and the Fruit Tea series special ?
We only use high-quality fresh lemons and passion fruits for both drink series.
Can plastic cup use for the hot beverage ?
We only use high-quality plastic cup. It could withstand high (≤120°C) and low temperature.
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The Moment Singapore is a bubble tea originated from Taiwan ZhongLi District.
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Choose your own preference drink based on tea, choice of iced / hot drinks, ice level, sugar level and toppings.
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